Spectrum Noir – Darkly Beautiful

I am having a love affair with Spectrum Noir. It may not last, but for the moment my passion is quite intense.

It began with infatuation. At my local craft store I would gaze adoringly at the loveliness that is the Spectrum Noir Colorista range: alcohol markers and wax pencils specifically intended for the adult colouring market. I have flirted with this colouring craze, always putting it aside for other crafting opportunities. And so, I would leave the craft store with something else in my shopping bag, usually a die or two, or some new paper block.

On Saturday all that changed, when my husband treated me to the Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils and a couple of the dark colouring pads that accompany them.

Spectrum Noir Tag
My first attempt with Spectrum Noir pencils on Colorista Dark Tag

Oh the joy of that first soft, stroke of lustrous loveliness. The depth of colour, subtle yet luminous. Like butterflies, those first strokes touched the page and my love was born.

Like I say, it may not last. I’m fickle with my crafting. Nonetheless I shall enjoy this affair, whatever it may be. And when all those deliciously dark pages are covered in shimmering colour, I shall layer them onto paper-crafting projects and enjoy the memory of them all over again.

Crafty Hugs – Sandie x


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