Gluten Free Waffles – At Last!


One of the treats that I really missed on my gluten free diet was Belgian waffles. We hunted high and low but they were sadly absent from the supermarket shelves. One year, on my birthday, my husband had ordered some from a well known GF supplier on line. But when we opened the box, to my great disappointment, the waffles were all broken and in crumbs. GF baked goods do break easily and I avoid having to buy goods on-line for this reason. We began a search for the perfect waffle maker.

One day, I was browsing in a local store when I came across a silicone mould for baking waffles. I can tell you I was oddly excited and immediately bought two. I thought this might be a good stop gap while looking for a waffle maker that fit my requirements ie. removable plates.

I couldn’t find a recipe, so I did what I normally do and hit Google! But to no avail – perhaps I am alone in my desire for the perfect GF waffle?

Waffle Mould
Silicone moulds are flexible so I always stand on a baking tray to use.

So I set about creating a recipe of my own. The first mix I made was a plain waffle mix, slightly sweet, which was surprisingly good, and I have used it so many times I have lost count!

It’s one of our favourite breakfast treats.  So here is my recipe for oven-baked waffles; the mix makes 6 waffles and freezes perfectly.

Low Fat Waffles

1 egg
125ml milk
20g rapeseed oil
70g Doves SR flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 – 2 tsp unrefined sugar (or honey, date syrup, maple syrup etc)

Beat eggs, milk and oil
Add flour, baking powder & sugar
Mix with whisk or fork until smooth
Pour into silicone moulds and bake approx 12 mins @ 210°C fan oven
Remove from oven
Turn onto a baking sheet and flip waffles from mould (it’s very hot so be careful! But they flip out really easily from the mould)
Your 6 waffles should be upside down on a baking tray now

Return to oven for 4 – 5 minutes to finish cooking
Remove from oven & place on cooling rack

Date & Walnut Waffles


LoCol cheesy waffles:

Omit sugar
Add 40g grated cheese (I use low fat)
½ tsp ground mustard powder
½ tsp sesame seeds

Date & walnut waffles:

Add 40g chopped dates
Add 20g chopped walnuts

Chocolate waffles

Replace 28g of the SR flour with good quality cocoa.
Sprinkle top with sugar before baking.

These waffles are so delicious and if you like baking you should definitely try them. I make them in batches for the whole family and they just love them. The best thing is, nobody realises they are gluten free – they’re just regular delicious little treats! Serve hot from the oven or pop into the toaster to reheat.

My favourite treat is to serve cheesy waffles with smoked salmon – oh yum! But my husband likes to make a pudding of the date and walnut waffles, with some ice cream and chocolate sauce!

Enjoy your baking my friends

Floury hugs – Sandie xx






Sizzling Summer is finally here – if only I was on Tonic Island!

Yes, the sun is shining and the temperatures are soaring, and those of us still in Blighty are sizzling hot and wondering why the weather always leaves us unprepared, come rain, hail or heatwave!

If only I was on Tonic Island, sipping a cool cocktail and listening to the sound of the surf, instead of land locked here in the mid country, enjoying the dubious pleasures of our unpredictable and unreliable climate.

Tonic Island
A postcard from ‘Tonic Island’

But speaking of Tonic Island and all things related to my favourite purveyor of crafty treasures Tonic Studios , leads me on to … *drumroll* … I WON the Win & Tonic Challenge for May!  Cool, huh? Check out my fantastic prize here.

So right now, I want to send a huge thank you to the team who runs the fabulous Win & Tonic, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should head on over and maybe play along, its lots of fun to join in.

I love this month’s challenge, which is: Colour – hot colours, Technique –  anything goes, Product – any flower dies or punches, Theme – a card for a girlie or lady (my favourite cards to make!) 

So to get started, I took a basic yellow card, which I think looks pretty summery. The textured card stock I chose to cut my shapes from is shocking pink – and you can’t get much hotter than that!

I wanted to try one of my fabulous prize dies, so I chose Flora. I wanted to use all of the cut pieces, so I made a pocket using the lacy cut-out.

Just so you know, this die was a dream to use, and only required one pass through my Big Shot. There were four in the Essentials Collection that I won: Ada, Constance, Evelyn and Flora. They are all gorgeously lacy and ultra feminine and cut through card stock supremely well.

Next, I stuck the ‘negative’ cut of the die to the top part of my card. I wanted to use all of the pieces I had cut, and I had one little trim left. On my desk I found a small trim left from when I tried out Evelyn, and I’d cut it in sizzling orange cardstock – how ‘hot’ is shocking pink and vibrant orange? I stuck my trim down and placed the small pink trim over the top – voila!

June Entry 2A

I really wanted to cut a flower out, so using some thinner card stock I cut 6 layers of flower shapes in two sizes. I punched a hole in the middle of each and smudged the edges using a red ink pad. Then I spritzed them with water and scrunched them up! Oh, how satisfying that was!

When my petals were dry, I joined them together with a red brad and placed them slightly off the corner of the card. Almost done, but not quite.

June Entry 2B

I cut a journal card from hot pink and yellow and layered on a sentiment from the latest Tonic Design Collection. I cut a tag using the free die and stuck it to the journal card. Using the free embossing folder I made a Happy Birthday panel and popped it onto the back of my journal tag.

Now I’m done! Best of all, I have a bright glamorous friend who will love to receive my sizzling hot summer birthday card!

What do you think guys?

Big crafty hugs – Sandie xx



Flipbooks and snail mail – what’s that all about?


So I got interested in snail mail. I know. It’s been around forever, but then there was email and then there was Skype. There was messaging and of course, What’sApp. Yada yada. So I forgot how to write. Shameful, isn’t it?

Then one day, I happened across Puddleside Musings – have you visited yet? Oh, you really should, its a lovely website filled with all manner of crafty loveliness. And Emma at Puddleside Musings LOVES snail mail. She was writing about flip books and they were just divine little books that you make from cards and envelopes and other stuff and you fill them with goodies. I just couldn’t resist.

Emma has this whole snail mail thing going on with penpals, who swap flip books and pocket books, all stuffed nicely with journal cards and washi tape and other good things.

I’m not sure I can ever really go back to Snail Mail, now that I’ve walked on the dark side. But the great news is, flipbooks are fun to make and just as lovely to give, so making them is a win win. Writing letters is optional. 😉

Flipbooks, also known as pocket books are little books full of pockets just waiting to be filled with crafty gorgeousness, or photos, or anything that can conceivably be stuffed into small pockets and put in the post.

You can watch Emma’s video here, it really inspired me to try making my own first flip book. She makes them appear to be quite easy to make and they really are. I’ve made several now and I am quite hooked!

Here are some photos of one I made for my lovely sister. We are such great friends and she’s been a fan of snailmail forever, with little treats turning up in the mail for me at unexpected times, so it was nice to return the treat with a flipbook full of tags and other crafty loveliness. I also thought it would be a nice project for the Win & Tonic Monthly Challenge, so I used a palette of neutrals all the way through the book – I love how it turned out!


Flipbooks are often made by creating pocket pages from envelopes, I used cards and envelopes but I wanted more pockets, so I made small envelopes to use on the other pages.


I also used shapes that I cut from dies and simply turned them into pockets by sealing down on three sides.

I filled my pockets with tags, journal cards and die cut shapes that I thought my sis would like. Then I added some washi tape samplers and a card of ribbons.

I popped a handwritten note into the first pocket inside and tied the whole book up with a pretty ribbon. Then I popped the little package into the mail and waited for the reaction! I have to report that my sister was delighted and will be able to use all the little goodies on her own projects.

Now, who shall I make one for next? 😉

Till next time – big crafty hugs – Sandie xx