Crafter’s Companion Ultimate Pro Review

After seeing The Ultimate Pro on a YouTube video I really wanted to try it, so my amazing husband ordered it for me on Amazon Prime and it came that very evening!

This really is a clever and well thought out piece of kit and so worth the investment of £27.95, the current price on Amazon UK.

The all-in-one, compact carry-case allows you to score, measure, trim and embellish; you can create different shaped cards, boxes, envelopes, enveloboxes and bows.

Some boxes made using the Ultimate Pro

I opened the case and within minutes I was creating. The booklet that accompanies the set contains very clear instructions.

The Ultimate Pro really is very simple to use. On one side is the scoreboard, used to create cards up to A4 size, in several different shapes such as gatefold and concertina.

On the other side is an envelope scoreboard. This gives you the ability to make envelopes to match your cards. A really genius idea is the envelobox, essentially an envelope with added depth to accommodate layering and embellishments.

Open the case up and inside are two more scoring boards, one for creating boxes and one for creating embossed shapes.

Each of the boards features designs for you to emboss onto your projects.

Inside is a compartment containing the accessories: a paper trimmer and ruler, pegs for the bowmaker, the instruction booklet and two double ended embossing tools. There is also a spindle for an instructional video; although this is not provided it is available to purchase separately. I did buy it and found it very useful.

All the features do exactly as they say they should and none of it is difficult to understand. My only (small) grumble is that some of the measurements in the instructions are slightly out and may need adjustments. This is also the case on the project video, and it is annoying to cut your paper to size for an envelope, only to find it is too small.

Otherwise it’s a genius product which I heartily recommend. I used it last weekend with my grandchildren (keeping the paper trimmer out of reach as it uses a Stanley blade) and it was a huge hit. In an afternoon they produced a beautiful keepsake exploding box for their mum’s birthday, to her great delight.

Extra boards are available that compliment the Ultimate Pro. I bought the Envelobox Creator, which allows me to make even more sizes of enveloboxes up to 1″ in depth. It fits nicely over the cardmaking scoreboard and stashes in the extra compartment inside the case, which can also be used to store card.

If you are interested in buying an Ultimate Pro, I recommend that you look at these YouTube videos produced by the designer Sara from Crafter’s Companion:

The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Demonstration (Part 1)

The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Demonstration (Part 2)

The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Demonstration (Part 3)

I found these videos very helpful and inspiring in making my decision.

I hope this review has been helpful to you.

Big crafty hugs – Sandie xx


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