Glorious Gluten Free

When I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, it wasn’t just my life that changed. It was everyone in my family. I had to throw away all my old baking trays, because cross-contamination, I learned, was the big bad of gluten free life. We bought a new toaster and labelled it accordingly – my side and everyone else’s. I threw away my bags of flour and replaced them with gluten free flour, because flour makes dust and gluten dust is bad (for me and therefore out of my kitchen).

There were other adjustments too. For example, I learned very quickly that eating out is a challenge at best, and impossible at worst. Our local pub was no longer an easy option on a night when I just didn’t feel like cooking. Hard enough when I was simply a vegetarian, add gluten free and it became quite impossible for me to eat there. Now, I eat fish again, a change which has made life easier for me and my family.  It was a tough decision, because I had been a strict veggie for about 25 years, but it opened up our social life a little and anyway, I’m told that fish oil is good for me.

In time, shopping beccame easier, as the supermarkets began to stock a serviceable range of gluten free staples – but it hasn’t been easy.  Over the years I developed some skill in conjuring up gluten free alternatives when there just doesn’t seem to be a gluten free option available.

I love to bake and even more I love to share. So I shall enjoy sharing my recipes here and maybe you will try them yourselves.

Food should be a pleasure, as well as sustenance.  Enjoy your baking.

Big crafty hugs – Sandie xx


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